One gambler has a lot of faith in the Indianapolis Colts for the 2023 season

Expectations are extremely low for the Indianapolis Colts entering the 2023 season, but one gambler seems confident that Indy will succeed those expectations.
Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Shane Steichen watches the players during Colts Camp practice at Grand
Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Shane Steichen watches the players during Colts Camp practice at Grand / Kelly Wilkinson/IndyStar / USA TODAY

Last season, the Indianapolis Colts were 4-12-1. The year of bad football led to Indy firing Frank Reich and releasing Matt Ryan. To lead the rebuild, the Colts hired Shane Steichen as head coach and drafted quarterback Anthony Richardson with the fourth-overall pick.

Now, there’s a ton of excitement in Indianapolis. Steichen is bringing energy, and Richardson is already making exciting plays in camp. Additionally, veterans like Shaquille Leonard and Kenny Moore II are back healthy and making plays. All of these factors have fans hype to watch the Colts this season.

However, some people are more excited than others, and they’re letting their money do the talking. On Wednesday, it was reported that a bettor in New Jersey placed $4,000 on the Colts to win the Super Bowl this upcoming season. That’s a lot of faith for a team that many experts are predicting to be back near the top of the draft. However, if Indy does win the Super Bowl, this bettor would win $500,000.

Gambler bets $4,000 on Colts to win Super Bowl

This person will either be a genius or out of $4,000. Everyone assumes it’ll be the latter. The future is bright for Indianapolis, and the team has a chance to be much better in 2023 than experts are predicting, but expecting a Super Bowl is a big ask. The Colts will be lucky to make the playoffs.

Indy has a first-year head coach and is also getting a rookie quarterback aquatinted with the NFL. Those two things alone should lead to a lot of growing pains for Indy. But, who knows what will actually happen. Last year, the Colts were expected to be contenders and they were horrible. Maybe the inverse will happen this this season, and the bettor will make a lot of money.

Probably not.