Former NFL GM has a home run pick for Colts in first round

It certainly wouldn't hurt!
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It's that time of year again: the six weeks between when free agency starts and the NFL Draft kicks off. It's a stretch of time that is basically just full of people giving their unsolicited opinions, most of them purposefully contrarian in hopes of standing out above the crowd. We're on, like, Mock Draft 6.0's, and at this point even the most wild draft takes have been said by someone else, somewhere else, already.

Alas, we march on – perseverence is the name of the game. On today's episode of "Someone Said Something About the Draft," we have former NFL GM Rick Spielman. He's now an analyst for CBS Sports, and was recently asked about who the Colts should take with their first round pick. Spielman, who spent time running the show in Miami and in Minnesota, went with Cooper DeJean, the star cornerback from Iowa.

Former NFL GM has a home run pick for Colts in first round

"So I got an opportunity to get a guy that's a very good football player that can be physical in run support," he explained in the write up. "[He] can play nickel, he can play outside, I think he can play safety if he had to. He's just too good of a football player to pass up. ALSO, I think he's going to be a legit punt returner."

DeJean is widely considered a first-round talent, so it's not like this is an absolutely wild take or anything. The Colts could also certainly use another talented player in the secondary, and being a legit punt returning probably doesn't hurt either. DeJean is widely considered one of, if not the, best corner prospect in the draft, so this all checks out. Still, it's funny – and a little on the nose – to see the former NFL GM take CBS Sports' 30th ranked prospect 14th overall. Never change, former NFL GMs who now do media. Never change.