Final game-by-game predictions for the Colts heading into the 2023 NFL season

The season is here and the Indianapolis Colts start their 2023 campaign against the Jacksonville Jaguars. How will Indy do all season?
Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles
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Week 16 - Colts at Falcons

Indy is in a funk right now after losing three straight games. This is the point of the season where you think it's time to pack it in and just get experience where you can.

In true Indianapolis Colts fashion, they prove that to be wrong and the Colts have a massive day that is enjoyable to watch. Anthony Richardson and Jonathan Taylor combine on the ground for 300 yards rushing with four touchdowns between the two.

This is in large part to Chris Ballard getting a deal done with Jonathan Taylor that week and extending him to a three-year deal that will carry him into Anthony Richardson's final year of his rookie contract.

This appears to be the good times and what Colts fans should look forward to in future years with two electric runners on the field at all times.

Colts win (7-8)
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Week 17 - Colts vs. Raiders

After a big win in Atlanta, Indy comes home to play against Josh McDaniels and the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders are fighting to stay alive and after an embarrassing loss to the Colts in Jeff Saturday's first game as head coach and only win of his career, they mean business.

With Jimmy Garoppolo out with an injury (again), it's rookie QB Aiden O'Connell starting at quarterback. The former Boilermaker gets the job done and gets a big win.

Colts lose (7-9)
Previous prediction: Colts lose (7-9)

Week 18 - Colts vs. Texans

This seems like deja vu playing the Texans in Week 18, needing a loss to improve draft position, doesn't it? Indy wants to come out here and get a big win, but Stroud proves why Houston selected him with the No. 2 overall pick.

In addition to Stroud, the No. 3 overall pick Will Anderson has a monster day getting to Richardson three times and disrupting his play. The Texans squeak out a victory to end the Colts season looking to improve next year after finishing 11th in the AFC and third in the division.

Colts win (7-10)
Previous prediction: Colts win (8-9)