Final game-by-game predictions for the Colts heading into the 2023 NFL season

The season is here and the Indianapolis Colts start their 2023 campaign against the Jacksonville Jaguars. How will Indy do all season?
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Week 5 - Colts vs. Titans

This is a big week for all of Indianapolis. It's Titans week at home and the first chance that All-Pro running back Jonathan Taylor can be removed from the PUP list. The biggest question surrounding this game comes to the Taylor situation. Will he finally be healthy enough to play and be removed from the list? Will he continue to have an ankle injury keeping him away from the field.

Both sides of this train need to come together and work something out before Week 5. Nick Bosa recently worked out a massive deal so that San Francisco can have him ready for Week 1. Is the relationship able to be fixed? Yes. Will it take some work to get that way? For sure. Have we seen Jonathan Taylor in a Colts uniform for the last time in 2022? Quite possibly.

Even with Taylor back, this game is tough. The advantage the Colts have is a strong defensive front that can reduce the amount of damage that a fresh Derrick Henry brings.

It's going to be up to the offense to beat the Titans defense, which could prove to be difficult.

Colts lose (2-3)
Previous prediction: Colts win (4-1)

Week 6 - Colts at Jaguars

It's been a long time since the Colts have won in Jacksonville, dating back to the 2014 season. That season, the Colts made a trip to the AFC Championship where they were blown out by the New England Patriots 45-7.

Since that defeat to the Patriots, the Colts have been in a tail spin and have not fully recovered. This could be the season the Colts get the job done though. My anticipation is that Jonathan Taylor has returned to the team and is proving his way to a contract extension.

A mixture of Richardson and Taylor bully the Jaguars defensive front to a massive ground attack with a few receiving touchdowns from Michael Pittman Jr. and Josh Downs.

The Colts win in a dominant fashion and put the Colts-can't-win-in-Jacksonville narrative to bed.

Colts win (3-3)
Previous prediction: Colts lose (4-2)

Week 7 - Colts vs. Browns

The Cleveland Browns are not the jokes they once were. After paying a massive amount of money for their new franchise quarterback (and former divison rival) Deshaun Watson, the Browns are in the hunt to win a crowded AFC North.

Coming to Indy won't be easy to keep on a roll, but the Browns find a way to get it done both on the ground and in the air. Watson is 2-4 against the Colts in his career with the Texans. Those were different teams and Watson has never had a defense of this caliber.

Colts lose (3-4)
Previous prediction: Colts lose (4-3)