Entering Week 9, is 2023 already a lost season for the Colts?

The 2023 season has been a roller coaster for the Indianapolis Colts. Could the season already be over as the team enters Week 9?
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2023 is not a lost season for the Colts

Even with the loss of much of the draft class, this season is not a lost one for the Colts. Yes, losing Richardson put this team’s trajectory back a bit, but the low trajectory for this season will allow younger players still trying to develop to get those crucial game reps.

On the offensive side of the ball, with Gardner Minshew under center we will hopefully see a heavy dose of the run game. This will allow Jonathan Taylor to fully acclimate himself into this new offense after missing time with an injury. You can hope to see Josh Downs continue to build on his rookie campaign and hopefully you see some growth in the second half of the season from Alec Pierce. The offensive line looks much improved under the direction of Tony Sparano Jr. and you hope that continues to be the case.

On the defensive side of the ball this team has struggled to build on what Gus Bradley is trying to implement. The secondary is very young, and they have been getting torched lately, but it will be a process. Chris Ballard has refused to bring in veteran talent for the most part and has really put the pressure on this coaching staff to continue their development with in-game reps and coaching. The front seven has been erratic at times (especially the pass rush) but they will have two elite players leading the charge once Grover Stewart returns from suspension.

The franchise will now use this season as a developmental year for the remainder of the season; it will continue to be a great opportunity for fans to see what the future will hold for this Colts team. If they happen to go on a run and sniff, or even, make the playoffs then it will be even more experience that this team can build on heading into next season. While it may look bleak some weeks, the season is not lost, and the future is bright for this Colts team.