Draft analyst names the 2024 prospect that 'could solve major problems' for Colts

Although the 2024 NFL Draft is a ways away, a draft expert has already decided on the perfect prospect for the Indianapolis Colts.
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The 2024 NFL Draft is several months and an entire football season away. However, that hasn’t stopped analyst from looking into the future and trying to predict ideal circumstances that aren’t close to being decided. For example, we don’t know how teams will fare in the 2023 season, so we don’t know what order they’ll be picking. We also don’t know how the college season will impact the order that prospects are selected.

Regardless of all the unknown, there are already countless 2024 mock drafts and draft content for next year. Recently, Matt Holder contributed to the content with a draft piece for Bleacher Report where Holder named problem-solving prospects for the five bottom teams.

Unfortunately, the Indianapolis Colts were one of the teams considered to be in the bottom five. Analyzing Indy’s situation, Holder determined that Notre Dame tackle Joe Alt is the 2024 prospect that could solve major problems for the Colts.

2024 prospect Joe Alt named as a player that could help Colts

Holder explained that Indy addressed a long-standing problem by drafting Anthony Richardson. However, in order to get the most out of Richardson, Indianapolis must be able to protect him. Highlighting how Bernhard Raimann and Braden Smith struggled last season, Holder argued that bringing in Joe Alt would give the Colts a more solid offensive line.

This is certainly a posspossibility, but it all depends on how the tackles perform next season. Raimann was improving weekly in the second half of last season, and many expect him to be much better in 2023. If that happens, the desire for Indy to add a tackle may not be as strong. However, Holder did suggest that Raimann can be moved to right tackle and Alt could play left.

This would leave Braden Smith as the odd man out. With only two years remaining on his contract after this season (with a potential out in 2024) and his declining play in recent seasons, this could be a possibility. Ultimately, as stated earlier, it all depends on how the upcoming season plays out. Both Smith and Raimann could have good years and Indy could opt to go after a different talented prospect.