Who is the consensus selection for the Colts in 2023 mock drafts?

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Just days away, there have been a ton of mock drafts for the 2023 NFL Draft. Which prospect has been projected to the Indianapolis Colts the most?

On Thursday, the Indianapolis Colts will make one of the most important draft picks in franchise history during the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Indy will enter the draft with the fourth-overall pick, and may be able to trade up as high as No. 2. Of course, the Colts will be using the pick to select a quarterback. At least, that’s what they should do, but anything could happen in the NFL Draft.

All offseason, everyone has been trying to figure out what will take place in the draft. All these thoughts and predictions have been expressed in the form of mock drafts. Since last year’s actual draft, there have been countless mock drafts, all over the internet, predicting the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Soon, those mock drafts for 2023 will come to an end.

Aside from learning the actual pick, the question is, what prospect has been mocked the most to the Colts? Is it Will Levis? Is it Anthony Richardson? Is it a prospect that isn’t even a quarterback?

What player do the Colts select most in mock drafts?

According to NFL Mock Draft Database, the consensus selection for Indy’s No. 4 pick is Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson. Richardson was the selection for Indianapolis in 32.7% of the 1,348 mock drafts in the database. The next highest percentage is Will Levis, at 30.3%.

This seems like the expected results, since the discussion for the Colts all offseason has mainly been between Will Levis and Anthony Richardson. We’ll see if that’s how things actually shake out come Thursday night.

The NFL Mock Draft Datasbase only does a consensus pick for the first round, so there aren’t many recent results for the Colts since Indy has rarely picked in the first round recently. In 2021, the consensus pick was offensive tackle, Samuel Cosmi, but Indy went with defensive end Kwity Paye. In 2018, the consensus mock draft pick was Quenton Nelson, and that’s who Indy ultimately selected. We’ll see if the mock drafts are right again come Thursday night.

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