Commanders are being laughed at for thinking Andrew Luck would want to play for them

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After reportedly reaching out to former Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck, the Washington Commanders are being mocked for thinking they had a chance.

Recently, it was reported that the Washington Commanders reached out to Andrew Luck to gauge his interest on coming out of retirement and playing for the Commanders. After that report came out, Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay, sent out a tweet to remind everyone that speaking with Luck about playing for their team would be tampering, because Indy still owns the rights to his last contract.

Irsay and the Colts asked the league to look into the matter, and if there’s evidence that Washington did indeed reach out to Luck, the Commanders will be punished in some fashion. While everyone waits for that investigation to unfold, people are laughing at the audacity of the Washington Commanders.

Conor Orr of Sports Illustrated is leading the charge. In a recent piece, Orr highlighted how “comically deluded” the Commanders are with the perfect quote:

"The funniest NFL story of the year is the thought that Luck would have unretired after years of physical and emotional pain, organizational mismanagement and self-doubt to play for *comedic pause* Daniel Snyder and the Washington Commanders."

Conor Orr

Commanders never had a chance with Andrew Luck

Orr makes a very fair point. Luck has been retired since 2019 and hasn’t played since the 2018 season. In a recent piece for ESPN, he also made it very clear that he’s not coming back to play. Even if he was, the chances of it being for a Washington Commanders team that has struggled on and off the field in recent years, were nonexistent.

The Commanders absolutely deserve to be laughed at for that attempt, but hey, shoot your shot, right? However, the laughs may be the least of Washington’s worries. This ill-fated shot could ultimately cost Washington some draft picks. The Colts will surely be laughing as they wait to see if that’s the case.

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