Colts went undefeated in November; here’s what happened the last time Indy did that

The Indianapolis Colts won every game during the month of November. Indy had a pretty good season the last time the franchise was able to do that.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

If you follow the Indianapolis Colts on social media platforms, you’ve probably seen Shane Steichen’s post-game speeches that the team shares after wins. In the most recent speeches, during Indy’s three-game winning streak, there has been a theme. Steichen has consistently been talking to the team about playing their best football in November and December.

The team may start the year slow, but if they round into form and excel in November and December, they’ll likely be in position to reach all their goals. So far, the Colts are on the right track, going undefeated in the month of November. Indianapolis picked up wins over the Carolina Panthers, New England Patriots, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Struggling teams, but wins nonetheless.

It’s pretty hard to win three straight games in the NFL, especially at this point of the season. The last time the Colts went undefeated in the month of November was in 2018. That month, Indy had a bye week, then went 3-0 with wins against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, and Miami Dolphins.

Indianapolis finished the regular season with a 10-6 record that year, won a wild card game, and lost in the divisional round to the Kansas City Chiefs. Could the 2023 Colts go on a similar run after going 3-0 in November?

Colts advanced to divisional round the last time they had an undefeated November

Things were completely different for Indianapolis in 2018. Frank Reich was in his first year as a head coach, Andrew Luck was at quarterback, Marlon Mack was the team’s leading rusher, TY Hilton was Indy’s, leading receiver, Eric Ebron had the most touchdowns, and Shaquille Leonard was the Defensive Rookie of the Year. Things look much different now.

While a lot has changed, there is one similarity: Indy has a first-year head coach. Shane Steichen has taken over and turned the Colts around. He has the offense humming and the team is much more competitive than they were a year ago. The team has taken on Steichen’s identity and they believe that will help them down the homestretch of the season.

There’s also one other similarity from that 2018 season: both teams were 6-5 entering December. In 2018, Colts lost the first game they had in December but won the final four games of the season, finishing the year with a 10-6 record. If the 2023 Colts can finish the year in a similar fashion, they’ll be in the postseason.