The Colts are taking a unique approach to Anthony Richardson’s surgery and recovery

With Anthony Richardson sidelined for the rest of the season, the Indianapolis Colts are doing everything possible to make sure he returns better than ever.
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The Indianapolis Colts know they have something special in Anthony Richardson, and that’s why they’re leaving no stone unturned as they help him return to full health after spraining his AC joint. From the moment Richardson went down with the injury, the Colts organization has explored all avenues to find the best path forward for Richardson‘a long-term health. This includes some unique approaches in the process.

ESPN’s Stephen Holder reported that throughout the process of evaluating Richardson’s shoulder, Indianapolis consulted with top doctors from multiple MLB teams. The rationale behind that is to treat Richardson as the thrower he is. His process is going to look different since it’s his throwing shoulder, so the Colts went to the league where surgeries to throwing arms are common.

Holder also shared some even better news. While Richardson’s surgery will fix the current issue, the procedure will also help to prevent further occurrences, as stabilizers will be placed into Richardson’s shoulder during surgery to strengthen the joint. So not only will Richardson be healed when he returns, but his chances of suffering this same injury will be significantly lower.

Anthony Richardson using surgery to help prevent further injuries

Preventing further injuries is Indy’s biggest concern right now for Richardson. Not just to his throwing shoulder, but in general. In his extremely young career, that is now at a halt, Richardson has been electric on the field, dazzling with his arm and his athleticism. He was way ahead of schedule in his development, and he never looked uncomfortable on the field as a passer, consistently making the right reads and delivering the ball with accuracy.

The only concern was his health. Richardson suffered three different injuries in three of his first four career games. Football is a violent sport, and injuries are bound to happen, but it was definitely discouraging to see them so frequently for a player that has the potential to be the next great franchise quarterback. But, this could’ve just been a string of bad luck to start his career. As Richardson matures physically and mentally, he’ll likely be able to better protect himself from injuries moving forward.