Colts send top lieutenant to Anthony Richardson workout

Florida Gators quarterback Anthony Richardson (15) warms up on the field during the 2023 NFL Pro Day
Florida Gators quarterback Anthony Richardson (15) warms up on the field during the 2023 NFL Pro Day / Doug Engle / USA TODAY NETWORK

With Anthony Richardson having the final pro day of the top quarterbacks, the Indianapolis Colts may have showed their hand based on who was in attendance.

On Thursday, all eyes in the NFL world were on Florida's Pro Day, with superstar quarterback Anthony Richardson putting on a show. This guy can seriously sling it, and people are still talking about his 74-yard pass during his throwing session.

Countless scouts and general managers were on hand to see what Richardson could do. From an Indianapolis Colts standpoint, chief personnel executive Morocco Brown was present and it has Indy fans talking. If anything, this only adds to the buzz that if Richardson is still on the board at No. 4 overall, that the Colts may not hesitate in bringing him to the AFC South.

The Colts clearly have high interest in Florida QB Anthony Richardson

For Colts fans, they're hoping that Richardson falls to the No. 4 overall pick for Chris Ballard. In a perfect world, Indy could land Richardson without having to trade up. For that to happen, you'd assume the Carolina Panthers would take C.J. Stroud No. 1 overall, then Bryce Young goes to the Houston Texans and the Arizona Cardinals pick Will Anderson Jr. at No. 3.

Then, Richardson makes his way to Indianapolis to be the quarterback of the future for Ballard and new head coach Shane Steichen. Everyone wins, right? If only life was that easy and simple. New reports suggest that the Cardinals are open for business for the No. 3 overall pick. Imagine if someone trades up to No. 3 overall to grab Richardson ahead of the Colts?

That'd be a nightmare, but let's think of that as a worst-case scenario for now. With Brown on hand to get a first-hand, close look at Richardson, he'll head back to meet with Ballard, Steichen and Co. to let them know what he thought. By all accounts, Richardson’s pro day was the only one that Brown attended, so that could mean something.

With Richardson looking so electric, it's probably only going to help his chances of making a move to Indy. Come April 27, we'll find out if that happens, but a lot can go down leading up to draft night.

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