Colts schedule 2024: Every opponent ranked from easiest to hardest

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

The Indianapolis Colts will look to improve on their 9-8 record from a season ago and now we have their path to the playoffs in 2024. The Colts will face teams from the AFC East, NFC North, and the third-place teams from the AFC North, AFC West, and NFC East.

Let's look at every opponent on the Colts schedule and rank them from the "easier" games to the more difficult games.

14. New England Patriots (Week 13)

It doesn't feel that long ago when the Colts and Patriots were at the top of the AFC every year but that time is behind us now. The Patriots finished last year as one of the worst teams in the league, moved on from Bill Belichick and now will be entering a new era, the Jerod Mayo era.

13. Denver Broncos (Week 15)

Hey, the Broncos used to be at the top of the AFC as well and they're now at the bottom with the Patriots. They did show improvement last year under Sean Payton but with a quarterback room consisting of Bo Nix, Jarrett Stidham, and Zach Wilson, it's hard to take them seriously as a contender.

12. Tennessee Titans (Weeks 6 and 16)

The Titans were the only AFC South team to not record a winning record in 2023. This came after they had been at the top of the division for a few years and even had the number one seed in the conference in 2021. A lot has changed since then, however, and they'll hope that Brian Callahan can turn them back into playoff contenders.

11. New York Giants (Week 17)

The Giants made the playoffs in 2022 but then regressed mightily in 2023. Daniel Jones didn't look to be worth the extension the Giants front office gifted him the previous offseason but the defense showed some potential. That will be the storyline to watch in this game.

10. Minnesota Vikings (Week 9)

The Vikings spent their first-round pick on Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy and their success in 2024 will likely depend on how he performs. They could be a sneaky-fun team or a team that struggles so it's a bit hard to properly rank them.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 4)

The Steelers are a team that no matter how bad things are at the quarterback position, they still manage to win games and make a run at the playoffs. Mike Tomlin has yet to have a losing season and as long as he's at the helm, the Steelers will pose a threat to any team they face.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars (Weeks 5 and 18)

The Jaguars were the darlings of the NFL a year ago and it made sense as to why. They had a magical 2022 season where they won the AFC South and won a playoff game. This past season, however, injuries took a toll on them and they finished just shy of making the postseason. Will they be more like the 2022 squad or the 2023 squad this year?

7. Chicago Bears (Week 3)

The Bears could be a sneaky-fun team this year. They loaded up on offense, drafting Caleb Williams number one overall, spending their other first-round pick on Rome Odunze, and trading for Keenan Allen. If those weapons all pan out and Williams can pick up from where he left off at USC, the Bears could be a scary team to go up against in 2024.

6. New York Jets (Week 11)

Assuming Aaron Rodgers is healthy and ready to play, the Jets are going to be a tough team this year. The defense proved last year that they're good enough to win games so that could be the key storyline when the Colts and Jets square off.

5. Miami Dolphins (Week 7)

The Dolphins had plenty of offensive firepower last year but their main problem was that they couldn't beat good teams. Will they take the next step in 2024 and manage to slay some dragons?

4. Green Bay Packers (Week 2)

It looks like the Packers might have managed to find yet another franchise quarterback as Jordan Love looked the part down the stretch in Green Bay. If Love picks up where he left off the year before, it could be another fun season for Packers fans and another tough game for the Colts.

3. Houston Texans (Weeks 1 and 8)

The Texans went from worst to first in the AFC South and the Colts will get to play them twice this year. Divisional games can be a little weird and the Colts did give the Texans a fight last season so gear up for more Anthony Richardson vs. C.J. Stroud battles.

2. Buffalo Bills (Week 10)

The top two teams could be swapped and I don't think anyone would bat an eye but I put the Bills second since they lost a substantial amount of talent this offseason. As long as they have Josh Allen slinging the pigskin for them, however, they're a tough team to play.

1. Detroit Lions (Week 12)

Who would have thought that the Lions would be considered the toughest team on anyone's roster but these are the times we're living in, folks. The Lions went all in this offseason and shouldn't drop off much from their magical 2023 campaign. Let's hope the Colts can spoil things when the two meet up.