Colts Rumors: DeForest Buckner named as a possible trade target for another AFC team

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts
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As the new league year approaches, DeForest Buckner is being eyed as a player that the Indianapolis Colts could potentially trade this offseason.

March 15 is the official start of the NFL’s new league year, and it’s also the start of a lot of offseason chaos. Free agency will kick off and teams will also start trading players as every franchise works to improve its roster. For the Indianapolis Colts, they’ll be working to fill the roster holes that led to them going 4-12-1 last season.

Luckily, Indianapolis still has its fair share of talent on the roster. However, other teams will be trying to tempt the Colts into parting ways with some of that talent. Recently, Zak Jackson of The Athletic discussed the possibility of the Cleveland Browns trading for Indy’s defensive tackle, DeForest Buckner. Jackson argued that Indy could be willing to move Buckner because of his contract, so Cleveland should inquire.

Could Colts trade DeForest Buckner to the Browns?

Cleveland would surely love to have Buckner on its roster. Every team in the NFL would be happy to add DeForest Buckner, he’s one of the best defensive tackles in all of football. In his seven year career, Buckner has been selected to two Pro Bowls and two All-Pro teams. Additionally, he’s had seven or more sacks in his last five seasons. The only reason he’s on the Colts is because Indy sent the San Francisco 49ers a first-round pick to acquire him.

That's all to say that Buckner will always have interest from other teams, but Indianapolis should not consider trading him. Buckner is due just under $20 million next season, but Indy is currently under the cap and will gain even more space once the team inevitably releases Matt Ryan. The Colts’ cap situation isn’t bad enough for them to move on from a talent like Buckner.

If there’s any chance that DeForest Buckner is traded this offseason, it will probably be to the Chicago Bears as part of a package for the No. 1 pick. Even still, some argue that Buckner should be untouchable in a trade for No. 1. The Colts are close to being a competitive team again, and Buckner is a big reason why. He needs to remain on the roster moving forward.

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