Colts rookie quarterback records that Anthony Richardson could threaten

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Colts rookie quarterback rushing records

. 255. Andrew Luck. '12. player. 46. Colts Rookie QB Record 6. Rushing Yards. Andrew Luck.

Richardson is almost expected to break one, if not both, of the rushing records in the Colts record books. Although Andrew Luck was a top-tier athlete, his play-style only leaned on the ground game when it was either called upon, or absolutely necessary.

Richardson on the other hand, is a payload waiting to be catapulted into the end zone, regardless of distance. There's a good shot Richardson breaks off a handful of runs that go for 20+ yards. Out of any rookie QB record, the rushing yards record may just be the most likely to be broken, and it could be done in half a season's worth of games.

46. . Rushing TDs. 5. Andrew Luck. player. Colts Rookie QB Record 7. . Andrew Luck. '12

Luck's five rushing touchdowns mainly came from the goal line, or within the red zone at most, whereas Anthony Richardson has that Jonathan Taylor takeoff ability. Not only will Richardson also be used in those scenarios given his 6-foot-4, 244-pound frame, but his natural rushing ability will be showcased via a designed run or a scramble that will be utilized far more often than any prior Colts QBs.