Colts rookie Josh Downs gets another endorsement from a legendary NFL receiver

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Ahead of his rookie season with the Indianapolis Colts, receiver Josh Downs has received a lot of praise from legendary NFL receivers.

Josh Downs was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft. There were 11 receivers taken before Downs was selected by Indy at No. 79. However, some of the best receivers in NFL history are confident that Downs has what it takes to dominate in the NFL.

One of those legendary receivers is Downs’ new wide receivers coach, Reggie Wayne. Wayne was a driving force in the Colts drafting Josh Downs, because he believes he was the best wide receiver in the 2023 Draft. Now, he’ll get to work with him so that Downs can prove that he is. Wayne, however, wasn’t the only great receiver to think highly of Downs.

Before the draft, Steve Smith Sr. took time on his Cut To It podcast to rave about Downs and what makes him special. Smith explained that he’s “infatuated with the little guy,” and referred to Downs as a “footwork king” and says he has a rare “hocus pocus, magician-type of playmaking ability.” Smith even compared Josh Downs to Santana Moss.

Steve Smith Sr. is a big fan of Josh Downs

Like Downs, both Smith and Santana Moss were considered smaller receivers. Smith is 5-foot-9 and Moss is 5-foot-10. However, they both dominated in the NFL. Steve Smith Sr. played 16 seasons in the league and finished his career with 1,031 receptions for 14,731 yards and 81 touchdowns. Moss played 14 years, catching 732 receptions for 10,283 yards and 66 touchdowns.

Downs, at 5-foot-9, is hoping to have a career just as productive as those two. He has the talent, a coach that believes in him, and a young quarterback that he can grow and develop with throughout the years. With endorsements from some of the league’s best, Josh Downs will have high expectations moving forward.