Colts QB Anthony Richardson has already made a shocking change to his physique

Currently in his second week of training camp with the Indianapolis Colts, rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson is already noticing physical changes.
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson (5) throws the ball Saturday, July 29, 2023,
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Anthony Richardson (5) throws the ball Saturday, July 29, 2023, / Grace Hollars/IndyStar / USA TODAY

Anthony Richardson has been making strides amidst camp season with the Indianapolis Colts in Westfield, Indiana. The freshly-turned 21-year-old rookie quarterback has already seen praise from rookie head coach Shane Steichen for his efforts thus far.

One of the biggest aspects of Richardson's progression so far is both literal and figurative. According to Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer, Richardson has added 11 pounds since the NFL Combine, when he weighed 244 pounds and posted a record-setting 4.43 40-yard-dash time.

Even when you witness him with this added weight at training camp, it's nearly unrecognizable. Richardson's unicorn-like build and athleticism is truly second to none, and he's proving he can handle whatever physical fluctuation that are to come his way.

Since Breer's report, Richardson has already lost a handful of those pounds and now sits at around 250. However, his playing weight at Florida just a season ago saw him playing at 240 pounds— four pounds lighter than he was at the combine, therefore the point remains.

Anthony Richardson has added weight since joining Colts

The IndyStar's insider, Joel Erickson, asked Anthony Richardson about this sudden change in weight and he was very candid in his answer. "I didn't [want to]. That's just my body, muscle mass growing." At the very least, it's equal parts amazing and appalling that a human being of his stature is able to gain 10 pounds out of thin air and it seemingly do nothing to his athletic prowess.

However, it is important to remember that the young quarterback just turned 21 back in May, so he has a ton of growing go do, physically, as a person, and as a quarterback. Anthony Richardson still has miles to go in terms of progressing into a franchise QB, though the phyiscal ability remains as generational as ever and his inherent love for the game has already netted promising developments within Shane Steichen's scheme.