Colts QB Anthony Richardson being praised for his high character after recent actions

Apr 27, 2023; Kansas City, MO, USA;  Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson reacts after being
Apr 27, 2023; Kansas City, MO, USA; Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson reacts after being / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Richardson, the first-round pick of the Indianapolis Colts, is being praised after a recent act that shows the kind of character he has.

Leading up to the NFL Draft, fans were enamored with Anthony Richardson’s athleticism. Watching him on the field for the Florida Gators and at the NFL Scouting Combine, all fans really knew about him was that he was a special athlete, and that was enough for fans to want their team to draft Richardson. Obviously, franchises cared about more than Richardson’s athleticism.

Throughout the pre-draft process, you often hear about teams wanting to learn more about the character and intellect of the young men that they could potentially draft. During this year’s Scouting Combine, it was reported that teams were as impressed with Richardson’s character and maturity as they were with his athleticism. Now that Richardson has been drafted and is officially in the NFL, everyone is learning more about his high character.

Jake Query recently told the story that Chris Ballard shared at the Indiana Sports Corp luncheon about Anthony Richardson. Ballard revealed that Troy Vincent, the NFL’s Executive Vice President of Football Operations, called him after the Colts selected Richardson to share a story about the young quarterback.

The story that Vincent shared happened at a recent NFL rookie orientation event. When the event concluded, and everyone was leaving out, Vincent noticed that Richardson was staying back and cleaning up the room. After approaching Richardson to let him know that he didn’t need to do that, Richardson responded, “We left this room in an unacceptable condition, and it’s not right for us to expect the staff to clean it all up.” So Richardson stayed to help clean the room.

Anthony Richardson’s high character was on display at NFL rookie event

This story is in line with what the Colts have been saying since they drafted Richardson. Indy has been explaining that it loves Richardson’s on-field talent but that the team also loves the kind of young man he is, and that the franchise has continuously been impressed with his mindset and maturity.

Just recently, Colts offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter told the media, “the more time I spend with Anthony, the person, the more I’m impressed with him.” So by all accounts, Indianapolis invested in a good person at the quarterback position, and now the next step will be helping him to excel as an NFL quarterback.

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