Colts named potential landing spot for corner that’ll evoke mixed emotions from fans

A veteran free agent corner, with a polarizing personality, could soon end up with the Indianapolis Colts.
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In a couple of weeks, the Indianapolis Colts will return for training camp, as they begin preparing for the 2023 season. While the Colts have made several improvements throughout the offseason, the cornerback room has become a major area of concern for the team.

First, Indianapolis traded Stephon Gilmore. Then, Isaiah Rodgers Sr. was suspended by the NFL for violating the league’s gambling policy, and subsequently released by the team. Fortunately, Indy drafted three cornerbacks in the 2023 NFL Draft. However, they are rookies, so there’s a concern about their readiness.

The Colts will either enter the season with a young cornerback room or they’ll sign one of the veteran free agent corners that are still available. In fact, Indy was recently named a potential landing spot for one of those corners. In a Bleacher Report piece by Maurice Moton, Moton looked at the best landing spots for top defensive free agents.

For veteran cornerback Eli Apple, the Indianapolis Colts were named as a good landing spot, along with the Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals.

Colts named potential landing spot for Eli Apple

Apple, who’s preparing for his eighth season in the NFL, is coming off a two-year stint with the Cincinnati Bengals. Although admitting that Apple is inconsistent, and works best with an established deep safety, Moton thinks the corner is a fit in Indianapolis strictly because of need.

While many fans would like for the Colts to add another veteran corner, an Eli Apple signing would likely bring mixed emotions. Apple is a polarizing player— actually, he may not be that polarizing; a lot of people just dislike him. He’s a prideful troll, and for that reason, he’s provoked the ire of many fan bases.

Because of his trolling ways, his shortcomings are often magnified. However, Apple has been a solid corner for the last two seasons. He played a big role for the Bengals and contributed to the defense that helped Cincinnati be one of the best teams in the league. He certainly can add something of value to the Indianapolis Colts.

It’ll be interesting to see if the Colts actually add Apple, or any veteran corner before training camp, or if they’re content on entering the season with young corners.