Philip Rivers responds to report that claims he attempted a comeback last season

Jan 9, 2021; Orchard Park, New York, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Philip Rivers (17) looks on
Jan 9, 2021; Orchard Park, New York, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Philip Rivers (17) looks on / Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Philip Rivers, is speaking out after reports surfaced that he attempted a comeback into the NFL last season.

When the NFL world gathers in Indianapolis for the Combine, it’s not just to scout draft prospects. It’s also a networking opportunity for everyone in the league to update their colleagues on everything happening throughout the NFL. Fortunately for everyone who wasn’t there, Rich Eisen delivered the gift of sharing all of the top rumors he heard at this year’s combine.

On an episode of “The Rich Eisen Show”, Eisen shared the top five rumors he heard at the NFL Combine. At No. 5 on the list was that retired quarterback, Philip Rivers, attempted to come out of retirement during the 2022 season. Eisen explained that the rumor was Rivers contacted the San Francisco 49ers and the Miami Dolphins, two playoff teams dealing with quarterback injuries, to let them know he was available and willing to jump in.

As we know, Rivers didn’t officially come out of retirement but this report did lead to many wondering if Rivers had a desire to play again. In a recent conversation with, he cleared up all speculation and explained what actually happened last season. Rivers admitted that he did speak with some quarterback-needy teams last season but said the Dolphins weren’t one. He also said that the teams reached out to him, not the other way around.

Could Philip Rivers be making a comeback?

Rivers admitted that “in the last couple of years if a team had needed me, I might have had six or eight games left in me.” However, Rivers now says that window is closed and he’s fully retired, focusing on his high school football team. So we shouldn’t be expecting to hear Rivers name any more as a possible quarterback option.

Rivers last played in 2020, the season he spent with the Indianapolis Colts. That season, Rivers and the Colts were 11-5 and lost in the Wild Card Round. At 39 years old that season, Rivers completed 68% of his passes for 4,169 yards and 24 touchdowns to just 11 interceptions. Since that was the last time he was on the field, many believe he could still be productive. However, Philip Rivers isn’t planing on making a comeback.

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