With Colts vs. Patriots taking place in Frankfurt, what is NFL’s history in Germany?

The Indianapolis Colts will play the New England Patriots in Frankfurt, Germany on Sunday. This is the latest edition of the NFL’s international series.

On Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts will play a road game against the New England Patriots. This road game will be all the way in Frankfurt, Germany. While the Patriots are technically the home team, they will be playing host in Deutsche Bank Park. This isn’t a first for the NFL, though; it’s the latest edition of the league’s international series.

Why are the Colts and Patriots playing in Germany?

Simply put, the NFL wants to grow the game of American football and the league. Part of those efforts include playing games in other countries, catering to foreign fans, but also gaining new fans by giving them an opportunity to enjoy a great game day experience. The idea of having a team that calls Europe home is even already a conversation.

Is this the NFL’s first game in Germany?

No, the league has had games in Germany before. A week prior to the Colts vs. Patriots game, the Miami Dolphins and the Kanas City Chiefs played in Frankfurt. Sunday’s game will be the third NFL game in Germany and just the second in Frankfurt. In 2022, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked up a win over the Seattle Seahawks in Munich, Germany.

Will the NFL play anymore games in Germany?

Yes, the NFL has already confirmed that it will return to Munich, Germany in 2024. While the teams haven’t been announced yet, the league has made it known that it will be back.

Will the NFL play games in any other countries?

Germany isn’t the only country outside the United States that the NFL has played in. This season alone, the league hosted three games in England, with all three taking place in London. The NFL also already has three games scheduled to take place in London during the 2024 season.

The league has also hosted games in Mexico, with the most recent game being a 2021 matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals in Mexico City. There was also a game in Mexico back in 2005 that wasn’t apart of the International Series. Since the NFL International Series started in 2007, including the game between the Colts and the Patriots, the league has played 43 total international games: 36 in London, four in Mexico, and three in Germany. There are many more to come.