Colts have one of the NFL’s top-ranked 2024 free agents

The 2024 offseason will have a ton of talented free agents and one of the Indianapolis Colts best players will be a coveted player in the free agency class.
New Orleans Saints v Indianapolis Colts
New Orleans Saints v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

The 2024 offseason is going to be a busy one for the Indianapolis Colts. Of course, Indy will have to worry about the usual things like the draft and bringing in new veterans, but Indy will also face the big challenge of trying to re-sign key players this offseason. Many of the key veterans for the Colts are set to be free agents when the season ends.

Jonathan Taylor was scheduled to be apart of that group, but he and Indianapolis have already agreed to an extension. Still, guys like Michael Pittman Jr., Kenny Moore II, Grover Stewart, Julian Blackmon, Zack Moss, and Gardner Minshew are all set to be free agents this offseason. With the way these guys are playing, they will definitely garner a ton of interest. However, one is expected to garner more interest than the others.

In a recent ESPN piece, Matt Bowen and Jeremy Fowler ranked the top 25 free agents for the 2024 offseason. There was only one Colts player on the list and it was Michael Pittman Jr. Pittman was ranked at No. 23 amongst all of the expected free agents. He was the fourth-ranked receiver on the list, trailing wideouts Tee Higgins, Mike Evans, and Calvin Ridley.

Michael Pittman Jr. ranked as the 24th-best 2024 free agent

Jeremy Fowler highlighted how Pittman will only be 26 entering next season, and considering how he’s on pace to do something for the Colts that hasn’t been done since Reggie Wayne, Fowler expects Indy to try and re-sign Pittman. With a young quarterback in Anthony Richardson, and Indy’s other receiving options, it only makes sense for the team to try and keep Pittman.

However, free agency can be a messy game. Once players start talking to other teams, there’s no guaranteeing what will happen or the kind of offers that the player will see. That’s why it makes sense for the Colts to extend Pittman now, or either re-sign him during the period where the franchise can negotiate with Pittman before he hits free agency. If Pittman hits the market in the offseason, the Colts run the risk of losing their No. 1 receiver.