Colts named potential landing spot for a few talented veterans that could be traded

With the NFL season underway, there are a ton of players that may be on the move as teams try and fill gaps. Could the Indianapolis Colts trade for any players?
Philadelphia Eagles v Baltimore Ravens
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The offseason is when the majority of major moves happen for the NFL, but those moves don’t stop when Week 1 starts. Several teams are still trying to figure out what exactly they need to compete. Throw in the unfortunate injuries into the mix, and there will be a ton of free agent signings and players traded during the first month of the season.

The Indianapolis Colts are a team at the center of these possible moves, because everyone is curious to know what’s going to happen with Jonathan Taylor. Once he’s activated off the PUP list in Week 5, will he rejoin the Colts or be traded elsewhere? There are certainly a lot of teams that could benefit from having Taylor, including Indy, so we’ll see how everything’s going to unfold.

Lost in the Taylor conversation is the fact that Indy could be interested in acquiring some players that may become available throughout the league. Kristopher Knox, in a recent piece for Bleacher Report, took a look at some veteran players that could be traded ahead of the trade deadline, and named some potential landing spots for them.

Naturally, Jonathan Taylor was one of the players, and the Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens were named as logical landing spots for him. However, the Colts were named as logical landing spots for D’Andre Swift, Tee Higgins, and Derek Barnett— three veterans Indianapolis could definitely use.

Colts named potential landing spot for D’Andre Swift, Tee Higgins, and Derek Barnett

Now, there’s definitely no way Indianapolis gets all three, but if those players do become available, it’d make sense for Indy to be in the mix for them. Knox pointed out Swift only had one carry in 19 snaps in his first regular season game with the Philadelphia Eagles. If Philly isn’t going to use him, the Colts definitely could if they’re going to lose Jonathan Taylor. However, recent injuries may increase Swift’s role for the Eagles.

Tee Higgins, is definitely a player fans would love to see added in the mix. The Colts reportedly asked for Jaylen Waddle and Christian Watson in Jonathan Taylor trade negotiations, so they clearly want wide receiver help. As Knox pointed out, Higgins is in the final year of his contract and will likely enter free agency. Instead of losing Higgins in free agency, the Cincinnati Bengals could just trade him.

EDGE defender Derek Barnett only played 16 snaps for the Eagles in Week 1, as Knox highlighted. Philadelphia has a really deep defensive line, so Barnett’s talents could be better used elsewhere. Indy could be that place, as the Colts are always looking for help on the defensive line. Whether Barnett, or Swift and Higgins, actually end up in Indy all depends on if they become available and the asking price. That’s something to watch as the season progresses.