Colts lose one of the oddest streaks in sports with Week 7 loss to the Browns

The Indianapolis Colts had a weird streak going, but it’s now over after a heartbreaking loss to the Cleveland Browns in Week 7.
Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts
Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

In Week 7, the Indianapolis Colts suffered a tough loss to the Cleveland Browns. The loss was heartbreaking for several reasons. For starters, the Colts could’ve, and should’ve, won the game. The worst losses are the ones where victory was just a play or two away. Additionally, there were a couple of controversial calls that led to people blaming the loss on the referees.

The game also brought an end to a little weird streak that the Colts had going. On Saturday morning, team owner Jim Irsay did his usual roof-decision announcement, where he says whether the retractable roof for Lucas Oil Stadium will be open or closed. Irsay declared that the roof was going to be open for the Week 7 game against the Browns, but the window will be closed.

Fans quickly got excited. Why did everyone care so much about this decision? Well, entering Sunday’s game, the Colts were 10-0 when the roof is open but the window is closed. So, everyone was hopeful that the streak would continue and Indy would pick up another win. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Colts now 10-1 with roof open but window

It was an interesting streak, because it was an odd thing to keep track of. Outside of maybe lighting, there isn’t really much of an advantage to be gained for the Colts with this roof-window combination. It was likely just a coincidence that Indy won those games.

With the inclusion of Sunday’s result, the Colts are now 15-12 with the roof open and window open, 10-1 with the roof open and window closed, 1-5 with the roof closed and window open, and 49-32 with the roof and window closed. So if Indianapolis is superstitious, or just looking for every possible advantage, roof open, window closed is still the best option, followed by roof and window closed.

Under no circumstances do the Colts need to play with the roof closed and the window open again.