Colts linebacker Shaquille Leonard looks like he’s ready for training camp

• Shaquille Leonard recently shared footage of him training.

• Will the linebacker be ready when the Colts start training camp?

Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts
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The start of training camp for the Indianapolis Colts is a week away, with the team set to return on July 25. Entering camp, one of the biggest storylines will be the health of superstar linebacker Shaquille Leonard. Leonard played just 74 snaps last season, had two back surgeries in the last year, and didn’t participate in the offseason program. Additionally, the only updates surrounding Leonard have been that he’s getting better but there’s no timeline for his return.

That left fans confused and worried that he might not be ready for the 2023 season. While it’s still unclear when he’ll officially be cleared, Leonard recently gave fans a reason to be excited. Tuesday, on Instagram, Leonard shared video of himself working through some on-field drills and with a brick by brick caption as well as emphasizing that he’s adding some final touches before camp.

While it’s just 15 seconds of solo position drills in a shirt and shorts, Leonard appears to be moving really well. It’s only fair to wonder if he’ll be full go when the team starts camp next week.

Will Shaquille Leonard be ready for the start of training camp?

It’s hard to guess when exactly Leonard will be back on the field with the team but he did say earlier this offseason that he was already feeling better than he did at any point last year. With this new footage, it seems like he should be ready to go at some point before Week 1, if not by the start of training camp.

Ultimately, what’s most important is that when Leonard returns to the field, he returns as himself: The Maniac. It wouldn’t benefit him or the Colts to come back before he’s ready. Everyone wants to see him on the field, but on the field in his full form. In case anyone forgot, Leonard’s full form is the best linebacker in all of football.

When healthy, Leonard is flying around the field, making plays behind the line of scrimmage, deep in coverage, from sideline to sideline, and of course, forcing turnovers. He has a tangible impact on games and the Colts definitely missed it last season. Hopefully, Indianapolis will have it this season.