A Colts legend hilariously disapproves of a specific Jonathan Taylor trade idea

With different trade ideas for Jonathan Taylor being floated, an Indianapolis Colts legend is vehemently opposing one of the hypothetical trade options.
Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor (28) breaks away for a 67-yard touchdown Saturday,
Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor (28) breaks away for a 67-yard touchdown Saturday, / Grace Hollars/IndyStar / USA TODAY

No one knows what’s going on with Jonathan Taylor and the Indianapolis Colts right now. The running back is currently on the PUP list and away from the team. Only the franchise knows about his exact health status, and since Taylor desires a new contract and requested a trade, his future with the franchise is also uncertain.

This has led to people wondering about a ton of different outcomes, including Jonathan Taylor being traded. Although, Jim Irsay said that the Colts aren’t trading Taylor, people have been putting together hypotheical trade packages with different teams throughout the league.

One of those trade packages were posted by The Colts Cast on Twitter, and it involved Indianapolis sending Jonathan Taylor to the New England Patriots in exchange for a couple of draft picks. The trade scenario caught the attention of Colts legend Robert Mathis.

Mathis passionately opposed the trade. He wasn’t against it because it was Taylor being traded or because the package wasn’t enough, he simply was against it because it was the Patriots, and Robert Mathis will always hate the Patriots.

Robert Mathis doesn’t want to see Jonathan Taylor go to Patriots

Mathis didn’t just oppose the trade, he expressed his disdain for New England in the most hilarious way possible. The legendary pass rusher said he wouldn’t “trade the Patriots banana laffy taffys for grape now-N-laters.” Anyone who’s immersed in the candy game knows how valuable this trade would be, but it still wouldn’t move Mathis, simply because it’s the Patriots.

Let’s hope that Taylor doesn’t get traded to the New England Patriots, or any team for that matter. Things between him and the Colts are definitely messy and mysterious right now, but things can always be fixed. This offseason alone, Lamar Jackson and Austin Ekeler requested trades. However, they were able to find solutions with their teams and are in camp preparing for the 2023 season. That could also be Taylor’s fate with the Colts.