Colts have landed Jonathan Taylor on a list that no star player wants to be on

Dec 17, 2022; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor (28)
Dec 17, 2022; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor (28) / Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Star running back Jonathan Taylor has landed on an offseason list that no player wants to be on. The Indianapolis Colts must work to get Taylor off the list.

Jonathan Taylor is one of the best players in the NFL. He proved that during the 2022 season when he led the NFL in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. Unfortunately, the combination of an ankle injury and bad offensive line play led to a down year for Jonathan Taylor in 2023.

Now, Taylor is finding himself on the wrong type of offseason lists. In a recent piece by Adam Schein for, Schein listed nine star players that need help from the 2023 NFL Draft. Jonathan Taylor was listed as one of those star players.

Colts must help out Jonathan Taylor

Taylor’s name on this list really isn’t a negative reflection of him. It’s more so a critique of Taylor’s teammates and the Colts as an organization. The purpose of the entire piece, according to Schein, was “to spotlight a series of high-profile players who deserve an influx of talent, not only to maximize their own personal greatness but to inherently boost their respective teams in 2023.” So essentially, it’s about great players who are being failed by their teams.

Schein pointed to Indy’s quarterback instability as something that Indianapolis must address in the draft to help out Taylor. The team’s ceiling is largely impacted by the quarterback play, and a competent QB would make life so much easier for Taylor. That’s why Indy needs to find a franchise quarterback in the top five of the 2023 NFL Draft.

In addition to quarterback, the Colts really must address the offensive line. The line was Indianapolis’ biggest problem last season, and a big reason why Taylor wasn’t as productive when he was on the field. Obviously, the first priority in the draft has to be quarterback, but offensive line has to be one of the top priorities after a quarterback is drafted.

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