Jonathan Taylor’s infamous agent is taking a victory lap after getting extension done

After getting a contract extension done with the Indianapolis Colts, Jonathan Taylor’s agent, Malki Kawa, is hitting back at the critics he gained.
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Up until Jonathan Taylor signed a contact extension with the Indianapolis Colts, things had got really messy between him and the team. Taylor had requested a trade, and there was serious doubt about his future with the team. However, through it all, neither Taylor nor the organization were viewed as villains by Colts fans. That designation belonged to Taylor’s agent Malki Kawa.

Throughout the saga, Kawa gained a lot of critics and enemies. After joining Taylor’s representation this offseason, he received a lot of the blame for all the chaos that ensued. It was noted that Taylor’s approach seemed to change after hiring Kawa, and Kawa’s social media activity, which included a spat with Jim Irsay, fueled the narrative that fans were creating.

After it seemed as if Taylor would return to the Colts, and have to play out the final year of his contract with no extension, some fans argued that Kawa created a big mess for nothing, and that he needed to be fired. Well, on Saturday, after Taylor signed a three-year extension worth $42 million, making him the third-highest paid running back in the league, it was Kawa who got the last laugh.

Jonathan Taylor’s agent Malki Kawa kept receipts of Colts fans

Just as everyone came at Kawa throughout the entire saga, he has been returning the favor, going at fans, reporters, and anyone else who criticized him. That includes Pat McAfee, who was very vocal that Jonathan Taylor made a bad businese move. Kawa made it clear that he was well aware of McAfee’s thoughts on the situation, so he’s taking his victory lap now that the deal is done.

As far how Kawa and Taylor’s team actually got the deal done, Kawa told The Athletic’s Dianna Russini, “Leverage. He’s the best back in the league.” That certainly seems like another shot at the critics, after many argued that Taylor didn’t have any leverage.

In the end, there are probably Colts fans that are still rubbed the wrong way by Malki Kawa, and that’s ok. Kawa, who also represents Shaquille Leonard, doesn’t really have to have a great relationship with the fan base. All that matters is that business gets done, and hopefully, everyone gets what they want.

That certainly happened in the Taylor situation. The Colts wanted to keep Taylor, and they will, for at least four more seasons. Taylor wanted a contract extension, and he got that, as he’s now the third-highest paid running back in the league. The fans, get to keep their best player on the roster, and watch him play alongside the promising Anthony Richardson.