Colts should definitely be interested in two of the top remaining free agents

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There are quite a few really good free agents still available and the Indianapolis Colts should be interested in at least two of them.

With it being June, several teams are wrapping up OTAs and preparing for minicamp. That means franchises have a pretty good idea of what their roster will look like. With the busiest part of free agency and the draft behind us, a lot of the biggest moves have already been made.

However, there are still some very talented free agents available. Every offseason, veteran free agents linger as they wait on the right opportunity to join a new team; this year is no different. Recently, Matt Bowen of ESPN ranked the top remaining free agents.

Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, of course, topped the list, and former Indianapolis Colts defensive end Yannick Ngakoue was second. While the Colts are unlikely to sign those two guys, Indy should be interested in the next two highest-ranked players. Cornerback Marcus Peters was ranked third and guard Dalton Risner was ranked fourth.

Colts should explore signing Marcus Peters and Dalton Risner

Bowen highlights Peters’ elite ball-hawking ability and coverage traits, along with Risner’s dominant run blocking and average pass protection. The breakdown of the two players made it clear that these are two players that Indianapolis needs.

With Isaiah Rodgers Sr. likely facing a suspension, the Colts can benefit from adding a veteran cornerback. The rookies are promising, but it’s better to have a proven veteran while the young guys develop. Peters is only 30 and has excelled in the league for a long time. He’d be an immediate starter in Indy and will help the defense take the ball away.

Risner would address Indy’s biggest weakness from last season, the offensive line. The Colts line was horrible last season and it’s returning most of its starters. The one spot that is wide open is the right guard position— the position that Risner plays. Adding Dalton Risner to the lineup would help Indy get back to running the football and would also help protect rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson.

While the Colts likely wanted to use OTAs and minicamp to see what exactly they had on the roster, now is the time to make a call to Marcus Peters and Dalton Risner and get them on the roster.