Colts fans react to Indianapolis drafting hometown prospect Julius Brents

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In the second round of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts selected cornerback Julius Brents, an Indianapolis native, with the 44th-overall pick.

After drafting Anthony Richardson in the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts returned for night two with the 35th-overall pick. However, in true Chris Ballard fashion, Indy traded back twice before making its second selection of the draft. However, the pick was well worth the wait, because, not only did the Colts get a really good prospect, they got a hometown player.

With the 44th-overall selection, Indianapolis drafted cornerback Julius Brents. Brents played for Warren Central high school before leaving the city to attend Iowa and Kansas State. After four years away developing into a top cornerback prospects, Brents is returning home to join the Colts, and people are excited.

Colts draft cornerback Julius Brents

When the pick was announced, several fans took to Twitter to express how excited they were and to welcome Brents home. In the replies and quotes of the announcement tweet, fans were showcasing their excitement for Brents’ skills, while also highlighting how they predicted that Indy would go after Brents.

He was a name circled on many people’s draft boards and it’s clear why Chris Ballard was interested in Brents. Sure, it’s a great story that he’s a hometown kid, but he’s a prototypical Chris Ballard pick. Brents is a 6-foot-3, 198-pound corner, and Ballard loves long cornerbacks. Additionally, Brents is really athletic. Size and athleticism are always the traits that Ballard looks for in the draft.

Brents uses that size and athleticism to excel at cornerback, something the Colts really need right now. Indy traded away Stephon Gilmore, lost Brandon Facyson in free agency, and only had Isaiah Rodgers Sr. and Dallis Flowers at corner. Indy needed depth, and Brents provides that, and also has a chance to start as a rookie.

After being drafted, Brents said, “Probably no better story than this.” He’ll now return home to join a talented defense as Indianapolis prepares for the next era of Colts football.

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