Here’s how Colts can acquire Chris Godwin

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

This hypothetical trade shows what the Indianapolis Colts would need to send to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to acquire wide receiver Chris Godwin.

As the Indianapolis Colts work to get back to contender status this offseason, one of the position groups that they must continue to address is wide receiver. Indy’s offense was abysmal this past season, but the wideouts had some of the most promising play Indianapolis has seen in recent years. With Michael Pittman Jr., Alec Pierce, and Parris Campbell all consistently contributing, the wide receivers were no longer the biggest issue on offense.

However, the Colts can’t afford to get complacent. Parris Campbell will be a free agent this offseason and if he isn’t re-signed or adequately replaced Indy’s pass-catching group would regress. Even if Parris Campbell returns to the Colts, Indy could still use another talented receiver. In today’s NFL, offenses can never have enough weapons, especially when a team is about to hand the keys to a rookie quarterback.

That means the Colts must be prepared to make some moves and add receivers. One of the wideouts Indianapolis could pursue is Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Chris Godwin. In a recent piece for the NFL Analysis Network, Kenneth Teape detailed why Godwin could be a trade candidate for the Colts. Teape explained that the Bucs could be entering a rebuilding stage now that Tom Brady is retired, and since they are so far over the cap, they could be willing to part with some of their more talented but expensive pieces.

Godwin is one of those pieces and Teape proposes a trade to the Colts where Indianapolis ends up sending “a third-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft and a second-round pick in 2024” to the Buccaneers in exchange for Chris Godwin.

Should Colts trade for Chris Godwin?

If an opportunity like this presented itself for Indianapolis, the team should definitely take it. Godwin has been one of the better receivers in the NFL since he entered the league back in 2017 and he’s still producing at a high level even after tearing his knee up in 2021. In his first season back from injury, Godwin played in 15 games and caught 104 passes for 1,023 yards and three touchdowns.

Adding that talent and level of production to Indy’s offense would do wonders for the struggling offense the Colts had last year. Lining Godwin up with Pittman, Pierce, and possibly Campbell, along with Indianapolis’ tight ends and Jonathan Taylor still in the backfield, would make Shane Steichen and whatever rookie quarterback Indy has really lucky. All that would be left for the Colts to do is strengthen the offensive line. If that’s done, Indy could have a really dangerous offense.

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