Colts 7-round 2023 NFL mock draft 5.0: Indy trades up for its quarterback

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YaYa Diaby
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438. . Louisville. Yaya Diaby. 115. . EDGE. player

Ballard gets his EDGE rusher in the draft to pair opposite of Kwity Paye

The chances of the Colts not drafting an EDGE rusher while Ballard is the General Manager are lower than the Colts taking a quarterback in the first round of the draft. There, I said it. Facts are facts sometimes.

Adding Yaya to the mix on the defensive line will continue to add fresh legs to a line that needs more support in the second unit. YaYa Diaby’s ability to get off the line and get to the quarterback quickly will pair nicely with Kwity on the opposite side.

Ballard likes his physical players and Yaya Diaby matches that exaclty. His RAS score being a 9.84u speaks volumes and would pair well with the others on the defense.

The Colts will have Yaya, Kwity, and Dayo all making plays on the outside on passing downs, while DeForest Buckner and Grover Stewart come from the inside. This could give the Colts their best defensive line in recent memory.

Yaya met with the Colts organization at the NFL Combine and many believe that Chris Ballard is very fond of him as a prospect.