Colts 7-round 2023 NFL mock draft 5.0: Indy trades up for its quarterback

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Florida Gators quarterback Anthony Richardson (15) celebrates after diving into the end zone for a
Florida Gators quarterback Anthony Richardson (15) celebrates after diving into the end zone for a / Doug Engle / USA TODAY NETWORK

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The Indianapolis Colts select Anthony Richardson with the No. 3 pick after trading up with the Arizona Cardinals

After Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud go with the first two picks in the draft and teams calling the Cardinals for their pick, Chris Ballard did not want to risk it and made the call himself. Indianapolis gets on the phone with Arizona so Indy is certain that it will be able to select the third quarterback.

Ballard works on getting a deal that does not compromise next year's first round pick and only gives up an additional third round and fifth round pick.

By moving up one spot, the Colts take the best athlete in the draft in Anthony Richardson, marking a day in history for the organization. Richardson has improved each time he's made an appearance and is one of the only quarterbacks in this draft that will be a starter for years to come.

Months ago, people had Richardson has an early-second round pick and as high as a late-first round pick to a team that may need to transition in a few years to a new system or quarterback. The train has left the station and many have viewed Richardson as not only a top three quarterback, but potentially the top quarterback in this draft.

Yes, Richardson has done very well at both the NFL Combine and his Pro Day, but what is he doing with shoulder pads on? Not the most accurate quarterback and his completion percentage was lower than you'd hope. Richardson will need to improve his gameplay to be considered one of the best in the league.

Luckily for the Colts, new head coach Shane Steichen is all about building an offense around his QB. Between coaching new systems for Justin Herbert and Jalen Hurts, Steichen is the coach that can make this work.