Colts 7-round 2023 NFL mock draft 3.0: Chris Ballard gets uncharacteristic

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Andrew Vorhees
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. Andrew Vorhees. player. 46. . . G | USC. 106

The Indianapolis Colts draft G Andrew Vorhees in the fourth round (106th overall)

Value, value, value! Not to beat a dead horse but this would be great value for the fourth round, especially at a position of need (which, again, may or may not have been dealt with via free agency).

Vorhees would be the largest guard drafted by Chris Ballard, matching Quenton Nelson's combine weight total at 325 pounds and standing an inch taller at 6-foot-6. He's not stiff in the slightest either. He's a mauler but is also incredibly athletic and that in itself would be on brand for Chris Ballard.

Andrew Vorhees made an appearance on the always anticipated "College Football Freaks List," of The Athletic's Bruce Feldman, an annual list that highlights upcoming draft prospects who are athletically, freaks of nature. According to Feldman, the veteran college star can bench-press 225 pounds. (the NFL Combine bench weight) 40 times.

Nonetheless, Vorhees would provide much needed competition at right guard and very possibly could end up with the starting role by the time the season's concluded. It would be great if he could come in and immediately contribute, as offensive line is Indianapolis’ biggest problem area.