Chuck Pagano weighs in on if Anthony Richardson should start Week 1 for the Colts

While it’s still unclear who’ll start at quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, former head coach Chuck Pagano shares his opinion.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages

Chuck Pagano knows all about getting a first-round quarterback adjusted to the NFL. He was the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts when the team drafted Andrew Luck back in 2012. He went on to have some great seasons with Luck under center.

Now, the Colts are going through the process again, this time with Anthony Richardson. Additionally, Shane Steichen is the man now making the decisions and developing the rookie QB. However, Pagano recently shared his thoughts on Richardson, and weighed in on the conversation about whether the rookie quarterback should start or not.

In a video with The 33rd Team, Pagano made it clear that Richardson should be on the field from day one, saying there’s no need to play it safe. Let the young guy get the reps and help him out.

Chuck Pagano says Anthony Richardson should be Colts starter

Pagano highlighted how Indianapolis is set up to help Richardson grow while he’s on the field, saying, “I think Shane [Steichen] can protect him with the play calls. Get the running back situation figured out. Run the football, play great defense, and let this kid make magic with his athleticism.” That certainly sounds like a great recipe.

Indianapolis has a promising defense, and the unit is already preparing to help the offense out a ton. The running back situation, however, still isn’t settled. If Taylor can eventually return healthy, that’d help Richardson a ton, and he’d definitely be able to start from day one.

Indy’s first preseason game on Saturday against the Buffalo Bills gave everyone a taste of what it’s like for Anthony Richardson to start. The rookie had an up and down day, completing 7-of-12 passes for 67 yards, an interception, and seven rushing yards, but it was an overall solid preseason debut. He obviously still has some growing to do but he didn’t look like he was in over his head. With a month until Week 1, there will be plenty of time for Richardson to get prepared to start.