Chris Ballard speaks on where the Colts stand with Jonathan Taylor

As Jonathan Taylor’s future with the Indianapolis Colts remains uncertain, general manager Chris Ballard recently discussed how the team feels about Taylor.
Indianapolis Colts Training Camp
Indianapolis Colts Training Camp / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the Indianapolis Colts. Anthony Richardson was recently named the starter, Shaquille Leonard is back on the field flying around, and a ton of young guys are looking like they’re ready to be promising contributors. However, there is still a mysterious, somewhat dark, cloud, hovering around the organization: the Jonathan Taylor situation.

Taylor, who’s on the PUP list, has asked for a new contract, requested a trade, left camp, and returned. However, he hasn’t been granted any of his wishes, and no one really knows when he’ll get back on the field, or what his future looks like in Indianapolis. Additionally, Taylor isn’t speaking to the media.

General manager Chris Ballard, however, did recently speak with the media. In an interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Ballard opened up about where the Colts stand with Taylor, saying, “I think the world of Jonathan.” Ballard went on to say that Taylor is finishing his rehab, and that he needs to be 100% healthy before the team can do anything.

Chris Ballard says Colts need Jonathan Taylor 100% healthy

When Taylor was first placed on the PUP list, not everyone was convinced that the injury was serious, because it seemed to correlate with his contract demands. However, Steichen and Ballard have continued to say that Taylor is working through the ankle issue, and even Taylor is reportedly prepared to return to the practice field and play, but only once he’s 100% healthy. So as Ballard said, that has to be the top priority.

However, health isn’t necessarily going to solve all of the problems that have been created between Taylor and the Colts organization. But, it will allow Taylor the opportunity to remind the world how special of a player he is, and that can solve his problems. If Indianapolis truly thinks the world of Taylor like Ballard said, and he’s back on the field being a great Colt, then the organization has to pay him. That seems to be the only way Taylor can continue his career in Indy without being disgruntled.

Whether it’s in Indianapolis with the Colts, or elsewhere, Taylor’s only path to getting paid seems to be reminding everyone how great he is. That only can be done once he’s healthy and on the field.