Bleacher Report names biggest weaknesses for Colts entering final stretch of season

As the Indianapolis Colts try to finish the season strong and make the postseason, Bleacher Report names some weaknesses that could get in their way.
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2024 NFL Draft: EDGE Mohamed Kamara (Colorado State)

Reasoning: "The Colts have some promising pieces on the edge, but they haven't done enough to stop investing in the position. Mohamed Kamara has caught the eye of talent evaluators with a 13-sack season in his fifth year with Colorado State."

"Mohamed Kamara is a highly productive pass-rusher who has a thick build. He has a good get-off and leverage at the point of attack to go along with a nice rip move to win around the edge. Also, Kamara sets up his pass-rush moves well by getting to square during the stem phase. However, he isn't quick-twitched or a good athlete and not very bendy. Also, he blends in versus the run as he doesn't get off a ton of blocks to make plays"

Matt Miller, B/R's NFL Draft Scout

Reaction: I too agree that pass rusher is a need for the Colts moving forward though I don't quite understand the singling out of a player that is not currently among the consensus top 100 of draft boards.

Mohamed Kamara is no doubt an intriguing prospect and one that could very well end up a Colt, but if we're discussing the biggest of needs for Indianapolis, focusing on a Day 3 player is malpractice. Again, he [Kamara] fits the criteria but just how much is there to expect out of the gates. This hypothetical draft selection feels like it'd only muddy the defensive line waters more.