Bleacher Report names biggest weaknesses for Colts entering final stretch of season

As the Indianapolis Colts try to finish the season strong and make the postseason, Bleacher Report names some weaknesses that could get in their way.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Indianapolis Colts
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2024 Free Agency: TE Noah Fant (Seattle Seahawks)

Reasoning: "Fant could be a hidden gem in free agency who could help the Colts offense. He had three productive seasons to start his career in Denver before getting traded to Seattle. His debut season in the Pacific Northwest was fine, but he has become a complete afterthought in the offense this year."

Reaction: I agree with this notion more than that of the previous idea of adding Jaylon Smith. At the end of the day, though, I believe the Colts current TE room has flashed enough to be the group moving forward. Mainstay Colt Mo Alie-Cox will likely part ways with the team after this season, but I believe a room of Drew Ogletree, Jelani Woods, and Will Mallory moving forward could prove to be fruitful.

Adding another tight end to the room, especially a proven veteran like that of Fant, is never a bad move so long as they're operating with a low-risk contract. Again, I don't dislike the thought of adding Fant, but more so it would be discouraging if this is the Colts' big ticket item at the end of free agency.