Best college plays from Anthony Richardson that will get Colts fans excited

Georgia v Florida
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Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson (15) stiff arms Tennessee defensive back Tamarion McDonald / Brianna Paciorka/News Sentinel / USA

2. Anthony Richardson's continued pocket climb induces shock and awe (@ No. 11 Tennessee)

This should be everyone's favorite play of his. Richardson doesn't climb the pocket once, or twice, or even three times. He feels the pressure and in zig-zag fashion, climbs the pocket four separate times as he delivers a body-twisting 25-yard throw to an open receiver who eventually scores.

As unreal as this play was, what you should be coming away with is that there are a ton of quarterbacks out there, regardless of level of play, who are unable to make such a play due to physical limitations. As previously mentioned, there's quite literally nobody who is physically limitless like Anthony Richardson.

For this play, his overall awareness paired with his instinctual ability to operate the pocket as he sees fit is truly fascinating. Often with raw quarterbacks of a similar vein, they have all the physical tools (i.e., arm talent) but they lack the fundamentals of QB-play, such as pocket presence/awareness. That is not the case for Richardson however, as he's merely flirted with what's possible.