Best college plays from Anthony Richardson that will get Colts fans excited

Georgia v Florida
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Florida Gators quarterback Anthony Richardson (15) calls to his team during the first quarter of an / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA

4. Anthony Richardson zips one down the sideline for a big touchdown (@ No. 1 Georgia)

A few things with this one. As the header alludes to, this big-time touchdown came during a third-quarter rally from the Gators as Anthony Richardson and Co. came out swinging, quickly cutting the halftime deficit of 28-3 to a one possession game.

After the Gators scored 17 unanswered to start the second half, the best ranked team in the country, and the eventual back-to-back National Champion, the Georgia Bulldogs would go on to score 14 unanswered points of their own, ultimately winning 42-20. The poised resilience by Richardson in the third quarter alone proves to hold hopeful merit.

The best part about this play to me is just how patient Richardson stays so that the route combo can develop. The backside featured three players setting up what seems like a designed bubble-and-block concept, but Richardson never takes his eyes away from the two routes on the right side, thus you're led to assume the backside was never in question after all.

Regardless if Richardson was in the wrong with his lack of progression-seeking on the play, if you look at it as if the play design forced his eyes to neglect the backside, then you've got a near perfect execution on your hands. Great poise, ideal patience, and a tremendous strike down the sideline en route to six points.