Best college plays from Anthony Richardson that will get Colts fans excited

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5. The 2-pt conversion seen around the world (vs. No. 7 Utah)

I mean, no wonder he calls himself an alien. This young man, to make the score a three-point game on a 2-pt conversion attempt, casually jumps, pump-fakes in mid-air, and makes the defender look silly as he establishes his balance. After this leaves the rest of the Utah defense entranced, he rolls right and delivers an absolute strike to his receiver who had pitched a tent in the endzone because he was that wide open.

Sure, you can make the argument that this would never happen in the NFL, yet we see play after play, year after year where someone does something that wholefully refutes that. This isn't to guarantee Richardson will be making NFL defenders look silly, but I'm certainly suggesting that if anyone has the potential to do so on a regular basis, whose name isn't Patrick Mahomes, it's him.

I'm sure you know by now, but if you don't, Anthony Richardson is the most athletic QB prospect of all-time. That is not an overexaggeration, nor is it hyperbole. According to Kent Lee Platte's Relative Athletic Score, Richardson came away with a RAS of 10.0 -- the most athletic prosect to date -- at the quarterback position.

Some people call him a unicorn, he calls himself an alien, but what is he? A true 1-of-1 -- so much so that he just got the phrase tattooed on him recently. Like a limited edition trading card, Anthony Richardson has the potential to be a quarterback unlike anything we've ever seen before.