9 hypothetical trades for Colts running back Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor’s future with the Indianapolis Colts is currently uncertain. If Taylor is traded, here’s a look at hypothetical packages from possible teams.
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8. Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals receive: RB Johnathan Taylor
Colts receive: WR Zach Pascal, 2024 3rd (Own), 2024 3rd (Houston), 2024 5th (Own)

This one intrigues me because not only the return of Zach Pascal to Indianapolis, but this could truly spell the end of the old regime in Arizona. With the uncertainty surrounding Kyler Murray’s future after his ACL injury and his inconsistent play, could this be the first piece to the re-build in Arizona?

If they did move on from Murray somehow and draft a QB high in the draft (such as Caleb Williams), Taylor would be the perfect young RB to pair with a new QB. Arizona now has 11 draft picks to play with to make moves and would still have eight after this deal. For Indianapolis, it would bring back a framiliar face to the locker room and some veteran leadership that would be needed for Richardson and on special teams.

7. Chicago Bears

Bears receive: RB Jonathan Taylor
Colts receive: Darnell Mooney, 2024 3rd Round Pick, 2024 4th Round Pick

I know this doesn’t sound very entertaining for Colts fans but there is no way the Bears will be trading DJ Moore, and Chase Claypool seems to be disinterested this season. That leaves Darnell Mooney and he has quietly had a really strong career in Chicago. He has never had a season where he has caught less than 40 balls. He reminds you a lot of Micheal Pittman Jr., not a guy who will score a lot of TDs but will be a reliable pass catcher for the Colts system.

For the Bears, it gives them a key piece to their re-building effort and would take the pressure off QB Justin Fields and allow him to throw it around some more. This would give them a core of Fields, Moore and Taylor to build on the defense they’re building under former Colts DC Matt Eberflus.