6 free agent moves in the AFC South that Colts fans can laugh at

Because what's better than being petty about your division rivals?

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars / Mike Carlson/GettyImages
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Free agency can be a fun time to be an NFL fan. It's the closest that the league actually gets to replicating Madden – when teams throw huge amounts of money at players in the hopes of creating super teams that'll dominate their divisions for the next decade or longer.

Of course that never happens, but whatever, it's fun to dream. In the AFC South, it's been an especially big year of free agent signings.

The Colts have been major players in the extension market, bringing back a bunch of their core guys on big new deals; the Texans established that their window of contention begins now with some of the biggest signings from this year's class; and the Titans decided that they were just going to quietly outspend everyone for this year's best available wide receiver.

Most of these contracts never age too well, and outside of winning a Super Bowl, there's an argument to be made that nothing's more rewarding than watching a rival team deal with the burden of cap space hell.

With the major waves of free agency already behind us, the NFL calendar goes into a little bit of a lull before the Draft rolls around in the end of April – which gives fans a perfect amount of time to get on Twitter and make fun of the other signings from around the division.

Here are the six major AFC South signings that Colts fans can have a nice chuckle at.

Jacksonville Jaguars

1. Signing Gabe Davis to a three-year, $39 million contract

In one of the more important seasons of the Jaguars' last decade, they're currently looking at a 1-2 punch of Davis and Christian Kirk. And maybe Kirk bounces back from a down season that saw him only appear in 12 games, but still – that's a rough look for a team that's going to have to convince Trevor Lawrence that he should stick around beyond next season. $39 million is a lot of money for a receiver who's usually sitting around 35 catches and 700 yards per season.

He's only 24, so maybe the Jags are depending on him to take the proverbial leap and become a bonafide WR1, but it's a big chunk of change for a player that Pro Football Focus had ranked 61st out of 128 eligible wide receivers.