5 things Colts fans should be thankful for in 2023

As fans celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s take a look at the things the Indianapolis Colts should be thankful for during the 2023 NFL season.
Cleveland Browns v Indianapolis Colts
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3. Colts fans should be thankful for Indy’s newfound sense of accountability

Through 11 weeks of the 2023 NFL season, the Indianapolis Colts, under Shane Steichen, have already shown more accountability than in years past. Specifically-speaking, the Steichen era Colts value production more than ever before. A no nonsense mindset from the top has been implemented.

After an abysmal performance from running back Deon Jackson in Week 1 as the Colts awaited both Zack Moss and Jonathan Taylor's return(s), he was waived. Following a trio of poor performances to begin the year, second-year corner back Darrell Baker Jr. was benched.

The latest submission is that of Darius Shaquille Leonard. After an inability to return to form in due time and a recent airing of grievances to the media, amongst other things, Leonard was let go after owner Jim Irsay, general manager Chris Ballard, and head coach Shane Steichen came to the consensus that it was best for both sides to part ways, despite how difficult it may have been. Needless to say, the new era in Indy is off and running when it comes to doing everything they can to provide the best product possible.