5 storylines to follow in Colts preseason opener against the Bills

The Indianapolis Colts play their first 2023 preseason game on Saturday against the Buffalo Bills. Here are five things to watch for.
Indianapolis Colts Training Camp
Indianapolis Colts Training Camp / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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5. Damar Hamlin's miraculous return to football

Yes, I know, Damar Hamlin is not an Indianapolis Colt but his improbable return to the big league should honestly be the biggest storyline across all 32 NFL teams. It's only been seven months since Rodney Thomas II and then-teammate Isaiah McKenzie visited an unresponsive Damar Hamlin in a Cincinnati hospital, yet here we are talking about a real potential of seeing Hamlin suited up playing tackle football.

Miraculous isn't even doing it justice because people worldwide were genuinely concerned if Hamlin would live, let alone play football again. Regardless of if he is cleared to play tomorrow in Buffalo, the real focus should be appreciating Hamlin's life as it's beyond remarkable there's even a chance. Threes up for Damar.