5 reasons why Andrew Luck deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

• Andrew Luck will be eligible for the Hall of Fame after the 2023 season.

• Should he be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

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1. The what-if factor

Again, the Hall of Fame is selected based on what guys did on the field rather than what could have or should have would have happened, but we have seen this story before pretty recently.

It is interesting to compare a receiver to a quarterback, but Calvin Johnson is a guy that played nine seasons in the NFL, and was a Hall of Famer with no doubt about it whatsoever, deservingly so. But the main factor was his natural ability, and the career of a receiver is very different in terms of judging them.

But the point is that players with short careers have gotten in before not based upon their numbers, but what they did even in a brief career. But for Luck, what may get him in is also the consideration of what if he had such a long career like a Tom Brady or his predecessor Peyton Manning.

One would have to imagine the Colts would have had some amazing years with a team that had a stretch in which they had the best offensive line in football for a few years. Imagine that squad with Jonathan Taylor running behind the best unit in the league, meanwhile you have Luck running his play action to a still solid T.Y. Hilton.

You have to think they would have one Super Bowl, or would have gotten close in the past few years, and while they would not admit it, this may factor in to the committee's decision. While he may not be first-ballot, you give this enough years to brew in people's minds and he may find his way into the Hall one day, and he should within the next five to 10 years at the most.

The question that they ask when you vote for the Hall of Fame is "Can you write the history of the NFL without this player?" And the fact that we all still talk about Luck's greatness, still imagine the what ifs, and still celebrate his performance during his time means that no, the history of this league cannot be written without number 12 for the Indianapolis Colts.