5 reasons why Andrew Luck deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

• Andrew Luck will be eligible for the Hall of Fame after the 2023 season.

• Should he be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

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2. Andrew Luck’s numbers

Numbers? Andrew Luck only played six seasons in the NFL how could that possibly be a factor in his selection? Well, despite his time in the NFL's brevity, those numbers are still pretty solid all things considered. Luck finished his career with 171 passing touchdowns to just 83 interceptions, 23,671 yards, and a career passer rating of 89.5.

For how short his career was, he made the absolute most of it and put up some impressive numbers with the limited time he had. Luck averaged 275.2 yards per game in his 86-game career, and he is also good for just around two touchdowns per game.

We could do the math on what his career numbers may look like had he played the same amount of games as other guys in the league, but the numbers he had already put up speak for themselves alone. They also led to four Pro Bowl selections in just six seasons meanwhile it takes some guys whole careers to reach that many.

Not to give Kurt Warner a stray, he absolutely deserves to be in with his championships, but to use him as an example he made the same amount of Pro Bowls in 12 seasons in the NFL, so that amount of selections can get you into Canton.