5 reasons why Andrew Luck deserves to be in the Hall of Fame

• Andrew Luck will be eligible for the Hall of Fame after the 2023 season.

• Should he be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

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3. Andrew Luck’s ability on the field was special

There is one thing that nobody can deny: Luck is one of the best quarterbacks that we saw come up during the 2010s.

The young gun from Stanford had the toughness, as well as phenomenal football IQ with great leadership, but also one of the best natural abilities of any guy in the league. While Luck did not have the mobility of some guys that are coming out now, he was a decent runner when needed, and could fit the ball in just about any spot.

For other positions, selection based on how impressive you were on the field is sometimes enough to get it done, but for quarterbacks it can be tough to get in on that merit. However, Luck had enough ability to outshine a majority of his peers, including a year in which he led the league in passing touchdowns back in 2014.

If you throw all the numbers away and just rank quarterbacks all time based on how good they were at the position, that is where you can really figure out if a guy deserves to get in or not. And for most, it is undeniable that Luck would rank pretty high on that list.

He maybe would not rank up there with some of the greatest to ever do it, but there would be a conversation between some of the guys that are already in that Hall of Fame, even not including the quarterbacks from before the more modern side of the league's history.