5 players that have to step up for Colts to turn things around in 2023

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings
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1. Jonathan Taylor must step up for Colts

Ankle issues greatly hindered the performance of a guy who was expected to be the best running back in the entire NFL, but now he is looking to have a full and healthy season right before his contract expires. Not only is Jonathan Taylor playing for the success of the team, but he is also playing for his bank account, as the Colts have a huge decision to make in terms of the dollar amount this man will be getting paid in his next contract.

Last season, Taylor played just 11 games and finished with 861 yards and four touchdowns, those numbers should go way up with a full year next season. With Richardson under center, he has the capability to run some option plays with Taylor, so having him on the field will be crucial to expand the playbook for the rookie quarterback.

Also, allowing Richardson to use that play-action more often if Taylor gets going will be even more important. Taylor is also a guy that can absolutely carry an offense when the going gets tough, and the Colts clearly needed his help last season.

But now, Taylor is in a position to continue where he left off in 2021 with over 1,800 yards rushing and can get back to being that running back that is must-see television every Sunday.

The Colts need their superstar to perform, and if he wants that huge extension, and if the Colts want to win some games next year, then he will have to come out and be a star in 2023.