5 players that have to step up for Colts to turn things around in 2023

Indianapolis Colts v Minnesota Vikings
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3. Jelani Woods must step up for Colts

It is not very fair to harshly criticize or evaluate guys that did not have good quarterback situations, and Jelani Woods fell victim in his rookie season to not having that consistency in performance from the guy throwing the football. Now, with Anthony Richardson, young tight ends like Woods will have the opportunity to shine in a new and dynamic offense for Indianapolis.

Tight ends are also usually a favorite target for young guys under center, as while you get used to the level of speed in the NFL, it is common to go to your safety valve dump off that is a short route from a tight end.

Last season, Woods played in 15 games and finished with just 25 receptions for 312 yards for three touchdowns, but with his frame and athleticism, he can be one of the biggest breakout candidates in the entire league let alone just for the Colts.

Woods has great speed and jump-ball ability at 6-foot-7, and will be one of those guys that linebackers will be too slow to get too, and defensive backs too short to go up with. It all comes down to his performance though, and if Richardson can help him succeed, then the Colts may just have an elite tight end on their hands here in his second year in the league.