5 players that can propel the Colts into the playoffs

The Indianapolis Colts are close to getting into the playoffs this season. Here are five players that can ensure a playoff appearance for Indy.
Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans
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1. JuJu Brents 

The Indianapolis Colts get a major boost back in their secondary with the rookie out of Kansas State, JuJu Brents returning to practice for the Colts. He has only played in five games so far this season, with an interception and 20 solo tackles at the corner spot. Brents is an all-around corner that this team is looking to develop and make a key piece of their secondary, so getting him back is huge. 

He had been dealing with a quad injury that had him on the sidelines for six weeks, but his return is a great sign for this defense. During his time playing, Brents had emerged as potentially the top corner on the team with Kenny Moore II and fellow rookie Jaylon Jones. The Colts have been trying to put together a nice young secondary, and with Brents back that can continue to come to fruition. 

Getting a player like this back and healthy can also provide a great boost of morale for this team. Brents working his way back from injury shows he is ready and willing to get back out there, and the Colts will need him as this playoff push continues. This just bolsters the Colts and their defensive unit that has already stepped up as one of the best in the NFL, now they just have to put it together.

Brents is still a rookie, yes, but his great agility and solid tackling ability at the position are going to be utilized in this great defense. A player that teams also will not have a ton of NFL film on can make things a bit more complicated when scouting this team, so look for Brents to shine early in his return.